Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Boy

Dad can still decorate a cute cake!
 Although Seth was able to celebrate his birthday with cousins at Big Sand, we saved his gifts from us and Grandpa and Grandma B. to open on his birthday.  I realized his birthday gifts were full of "Bs":  Bible, Blue Psalter, Bike, Blanket, Boy Barbie.  Legos from Grandpa and Grandma just don't quite fit in the "B" theme, but he let us know last night when he went to bed that the Lego gift was just a little bit above the rest of the presents.  Legos always seem to win at this house!

Ever since he slept with that soft, cozy blanket at Grandpa and Grandma B's house, Seth has asked for one of his own.  I was thrilled to find one at the Meijer outlet store!

Seth loves to sing and it is not unusual for us to hear him singing the words out of the Psalter book to his own tune.  He was excited to have his very own.  Also, we knew he needed a new bike, but after pricing them realized that it probably would not happen.  Russ thought maybe we could just stop at the Salvation Army and see what they had.  Lo and behold, they had only one bike--a cute little Trek Mountain Cub just Seth's size.  And the price was right, too!  Seth never knew it was a used bike until the 11 year old neighbor deemed it necessary to inform him that it must not be new because it had some rust on the rims.  Grrrr.  Although Seth asked about whether it was new or if somebody else had it first he, thankfully, didn't seem that concerned and loves his "new" bike. 

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