Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What We Have Been Doing

Here is what Russ and I have been doing this past week:

          Organizing:  Russ the garage and me the homeschool room/craft area

Working:  Russ for Dr. Murray and me beginning orientation as a PRN therapist at Spectrum Health.  Russ has also been doing quite a bit of preaching, both services at the Kalamazoo OPC the last two weeks, and this coming week he will be at a URC  in the morning and at the nursing home in the afternoon.   The state track meet is also this coming Saturday.  The boys will go with Russ to help him coach Makayla in the long jump.

New uniform--black scrub
Tending:  Our little garden boxes:  Strawberries, tomatoes, peas, lettuce/spinach/peppers, and beans. We were able to harvest lots of lettuce and our first strawberries (only 1-2 right now, but lots more to come!)

Caleb:  Really, really wishing that school was over for the year, finishing up final projects, and thinking ahead to final exams.

Nicolas:  Finishing up schoolwork, reading, and putzing around with his Lego ship

Making new sails that are not "pirate" ones

Creating a new captain or king's quarters.

Anna:  Reading, playing piano, playing Wizard

Lydia:  Ditto Anna and watching the house finch nest.  She is the first with any updates on hatching, feeding, or even, I hate to add, pooping.

Seth:  Playing with neighbors, reluctantly reading, whining for his sisters to play with him, begging to play on Caleb's Ipod.

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