Monday, May 7, 2012

"Charlie Needs a Cloak"

The week we read this book Seth reviewed Psalm 23 (we learned it earlier this year with the big kids) and talked about the Good Shepherd.    He learned some new vocabulary words such as loom, dye, carding, and spinning.  He also learned the names of the sheep family:  ram, ewe, and lamb.   Some of the other activities that we did you can find here.  One we particularly had fun with was dying pieces of cloth different colors in onion juice, beet juice, grape juice, and red cabbage.

He continues to work on math facts and reading.   I also started to dictate simple sentences to him to work on spelling, capitalizing first word and not the rest, and ending the sentence with punctuation.  He seemed to pick this up pretty well (maybe not the spelling) because when I came to the kitchen to see how he was doing on his work the other day, I found him gone and his paper setting on the counter with this note on the bottom:  "Seth ses i do not went tu ckulr his pickshr."  There you have it!  You just write your teacher a note on the bottom of the paper stating how you feel and then take off and do what you want!

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