Sunday, May 6, 2012

Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett

We drew our own armadillo from instruction on Jan Brett's website

This was a fun book and the unit study had lots of great ideas.  Once again you can find the activities here.   Each day we tried to pick a topic to study from the book, so one day it was all about ranching and vocabulary words associated with that:  rodeo, cattle-drive, branding, lariat, chaps, steer, etc.  Another day we learned about armadillos, and still another day about the state of Texas--state bird, state flower, where located, etc.  We watched a little bit of a rodeo on a YouTube video, and also watched one on an armadillo and cattle branding.   Here are a few other activities:

His own "custom-made" cowboy boots.

Colored and put together a horse for the cowboy. 

Sewed our own bandana pillow.  I taught Seth how to sew a simple running stitch.  Attention span for this activity:  2 minutes tops.  Anna, however, enjoyed learning to sew and helped me finish the pillow. 

Seth has now decided he would like to be a cowboy when he grows up.  He wanted to make sure, though, that cowboys married and had children because he really wants to be a dad, too. 

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