Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fish Ladder

When we went to the river to celebrate Tashlich, we also visited the fish ladder again.  This was our third visit.  I knew right away that the salmon were running for two reasons.  One, the parking lot was full.   Two, the fishermen were out in full force.    This is the first time we really saw fish "jump".   Mom and Dad, you were here a week too early!  Not sure these pictures can do it justice, so if you are intrigued you will just have to come visit us this time of year.  [Cade, don't you have a few days off from school soon for the Heartland Teacher's Institute?  We could also take you to Art Prize in downtown Grand Rapids (Sept 21-Oct 9)...and pick some good Michigan apples...and...how many days do you have?]

Taken from the side of the ladder--this guy almost jumped out of my camera range!

Also, taken more from the side

Front view

Front view--Can you spot the fish jumping on the right?

This is taken from the top of the ladder looking down.  This fish just made a huge jump from the white foamy water below!
Just to give some perspective regarding how the fish ladder fits into the dam and river scene.  I am actually up in the right corner of the fish ladder area in the blue shirt looking at the other side.  I am holding Seth, Nicolas is next to me in a blue shirt and Anna is next to him in the white shirt.   Fish were actually trying to jump the big dam--haven't seen any make it yet!

Another view from the top of the ladder although a slightly different angle.  This fish is just going for the jump!

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  1. Haven't checked air fare to Grand Rapids lately, but maybe I need to check:)