Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Week of Homeschool

We have one week of home school under our belt!  This week we studied the days of creation.  While drawing our creation pictures we listened to a little of Haydn's Creation.  Unfortunately, since I didn't realize that the book that explains the CDs circulates separately at the library we were not sure what we were always listening to!  I am still planning to get the book so we can be educated listeners:).

Some other areas we focused on were dinosaurs, light, and the Sabbath Day.  We are reading from the book Dinosaurs of Eden which is very similar to what we learned at the Creation Museum regarding the creation of and demise of the dinosaurs.  In science we focused on light, specifically on how it affects our eyes.  We looked at a couple of books on optical illusions which was fun.  The other main focus was preparing for and celebrating the Sabbath.  We will be celebrating several of the Jewish biblical feasts this year utilizing the book Celebrating Biblical Feasts by Martha Zimmerman.  We modified the celebration of the Sabbath to begin at sundown on Saturday instead of Friday and used Sunday as our Sabbath.   The kids enjoyed the preparation throughout the week--making a challah covering and a centerpiece for the table.   We also appreciated all the remembering of God's workings in the past as well as the fulfillment of the ceremony through Christ.  To prepare for the celebration we also read the books Annie's Shabbat by Sarah Lamstein and Shabbat by Miriam Nerlove.  We are also reading aloud All-Of-A-Kind Family Downtown by Sydney Taylor which is a story of a Jewish family.  The kids are loving this book, so I'll have to go to the library and check out the other All-Of-A-Kind Family books.  This week we will continue on with Adam and Eve, the fall, and the flood.

Nicolas drew the challah cover by hand and the girls traced over it with fabric paint.
The seven candles we made for our centerpiece--one for each member of the family

Seth had fun helping put together the "candlestick" salad

The challah.  Would you believe they actually had this at the food pantry on Tuesday!!

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  1. Our girls & I read All-of-a-Kind Family last spring. I had read it as a girl and found it in the Kinsey library while volunteering. All three of us loved it! Thanks for the reminder -- I forgot there are sequels.

    I'm going to have to search for that dinosaur book...