Sunday, September 4, 2011

Final Summer Family Trip to Lake Michigan Part 2?

I posted previously that we had taken the last trip with the whole family to Lake Michigan for the summer.  Since that time, I was told that we just "had" to see the sunset over the Lake.  So, we just "had" to plan another trip!  We tentatively planned it for Thursday night since Caleb's soccer game was cancelled (the other team couldn't play), but Sydney VR texted that her dad was in town to move her into Calvin and wanted to take our family out to eat.  Couldn't pass that up!  So we enjoyed my cousin Joel and Sydney's company and generosity at Carrabba's instead. 

On Friday Caleb did not have school or soccer practice (long holiday weekend), but the kids did have piano lessons until 4:30.  We picked them up from piano and then also grabbed a yummy Jet's pizza on the way to Lake Michigan.   We went to Holland State Park again this time and ate our pizza by the beach.  It was very hot/humid on Friday (I think it was in the 90s in Grand Rapids; a little cooler by the Lake) so the kids changed into their swimsuits and enjoyed swimming, jumping waves, and building sand creations.    We loved watching the sun go down over the lake and were amazed how much it cooled off when the sun was gone!  After quickly changing back into our clothes for the ride home, we ate ice cream cones overlooking the lake  enjoying the peacefulness of dusk.  Lydia leaned her head against my shoulder, gave a big sigh and said, "Can we do this again sometime?  I mean, this time of day?"

The only negative was that it was extremely busy.  I think it was a combination of the last "hot" day of summer and the holiday weekend.  The busyness did make getting a picture without other people or boats very difficult, but I will post a few of the kids' favorite pictures that I took that night. 

Seth enjoyed sitting on the pier and watching all the different boats come out of the harbor.  This one was his favorite.

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