Saturday, February 25, 2017

Other Jan/Feb Activities

Track season is just underway so that means spring will be here soon!  We had an unusually cold Jan/Feb often due to inversions.  This is when the cold air is trapped in the valley and does not leave until another front moves in.  I remember Seth had homeschool ski one day in January and I was warning him that it would be cold up on Bogus (15⁰).  Because we were in an inversion, however, it was a balmy 30⁰ with sunshine up on the mountain.  When you are up on Bogus you can see these gray, "foggy" clouds trapped in the valley.  Kind of cool...if you are above it.  On the day I took these pictures, though, we had a beautiful day both on the mountain and in the valley.  What looks like clouds on the horizon are actually the snow-capped Owyhees on the other side of the valley.  

One morning on the way up to Bogus to ski we even saw a herd of elk.  I was told later that if there is quite a bit of snow (which we had all winter) they will come down to the foothill area around Boise.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of them.

Other notables for the last few months:

This girl who just began organ lessons turned 15!

Nicolas had his second to last BPYO concert.

We kept plugging away at homeschool.  I wonder if someday I will miss all these science experiments lying around😉.

Yes, I still have a poinsettia from Christmas...alive, unless too many experiments with the leaves kill it😜

Thought this was cute.  Seth drew these during school read aloud time.

Austin, one of the Mountain Home AFB guys who spent Sundays with us, gifted us with a virtual reality gaming system.  We are not huge gamers, but this has been a fun experience.  Sadly, we said good-bye to him a few weeks ago since he has completed his military service and returned to Indiana.  He will be missed! 

Since outdoor track has officially begun, I had better post some pictures of our indoor track runner!

4 x 400 relay qualifiers for the NAIA National meet in Tennessee  March 2-4!

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