Friday, February 24, 2017

Casual Co-op Jan/Feb

The first activity of the new year was ice skating.  The kids had a great afternoon skating with friends and moms enjoyed both skating and catching up after not seeing each other much over Christmas break.

Camo buds

After cancelling one week due to snow, we met the next three weeks at church learning etiquette and making invitations and centerpieces for our Senior Valentine Luncheon which we hosted the week of Valentine's Day.  

Seth serving his table

Everyone had conversation questions under their plates to learn more about each other.

The kids even gave a small music recital.

This past week we visited the Idaho Air National Guard at Gowen Field (right next to Boise Airport).  We sat in a Black Hawk helicopter, saw how the hoist works in the medic helicopter, "drove" a humvee, and "flew" a Black Hawk in Afghanistan in the simulation units.  We have great respect for those who do it for real!

Learning how to fly this big chopper.

Medic helicopter

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