Monday, October 17, 2016

Seth's Little Friend

We found this brown praying mantis on the sidewalk a few Saturdays ago while walking home from Seth's football game.  I noticed that it was struggling a little because it had a problem with one of its front legs.  We took it home, made a cozy little habitat for it, and fed it live flies which it caught and ate.  Eventually, though, it died and we were all sad (except Lydia who thought it was totally gross).  Seth was only consoled when I reminded him that it probably would have died sooner if we had not taken it in because of the problem with its front leg.  The cadets at church started an insect collection so this little guy will find his way onto the wall in the cadet room.

This is not the "cozy" habitat.  This is before we moved it to its new home.

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