Monday, October 31, 2016

Football 2016

Nicolas enjoyed a successful kicking season at CVCS again.  Depending on where he goes to college he may decide to try kicking after high school.

Seth played Upwards flag football again this fall.  He enjoyed having his dad help coach his team, and just enjoyed this year so much more since he knew the game better.  The other coaches were also a great fit for his personality which gave him more confidence. They finished the regular season in 4th place, but did great in tournaments and ended up second overall, losing in the championship game.  When I took most of the pictures it was crazy sock and hair day, but he loved those socks so much he ended up wearing them EVERY game day!   I love that all the practices (once a week) and games (one on Saturday) are played in a field that is walking distance from our house.  

The Cole Valley football team helped referee all the Upwards flag football games on Saturdays.  Nicolas took his turn for a few hours on two Saturdays.  Usually, there are 5-6 games going on at one time on this field, so I just moseyed over to the one Nicolas was refereeing and snapped a few pictures of him in action. 

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