Friday, September 2, 2016

The End of Summer

Anna and Nicolas are finishing up their third week of school at CVC, Seth and Lydia their second at home.  Nicolas is busy with football again this fall as the team's kicker, and Seth is playing his second year of flag football with Upwards.  Russ agreed to help coach Seth's team which they both think is pretty cool.  Music lessons also started back up and Bible studies will begin after Labor Day.  Whew!  
Since the school routine is up and running, I thought I would post the last few summer pictures that have been reposing on my phone and camera.  Sigh.  I like routine, but I sure do miss the summer.

On beautiful days when Caleb, Nicolas, and Russ were all working the younger three and I would often just explore/hike the Boise River.

Sometimes Russ would join us.

This was our Bogus Basin hike.  The drive up to Bogus is probably a good 45 minutes on curvy roads, but the hike is well worth it!  

Seth joined about 8-9 other boys on the annual church Cadet camp-out in August.  Russ drove a couple of them to the camp-out and stayed the first night and day with them while the rest stayed one more night and came home the next day.  They tented by Boulder Lake near McCall, ID.

He informed me that he did not actually catch this trout, but he did help clean it!

Beautiful Boulder Lake

Western Idaho Fair!

We took in a couple shows while at the fair:  the Olate dogs and the racing pigs.

One of our favorite 4H exhibits is the decorated cakes.  We loved the Hobbit hole built on the Lord of the Rings books, but the turtle and some of the others were pretty awesome too.

Free tickets to the Boise Hawks game courtesy of the library reading program. 

Humphrey bonding with Pastor Russ.

And when you're bored by the 6th inning you grab mom's phone and draw what we are watching.

I'll end the post with a few pictures of one of our favorite places (Big Sand).  These are courtesy of Nicolas.  They have just been hiding out on his phone since our vacation.

A reflection of the sky in the water.

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  1. Hello Russ,

    I was pleasantly surprised to run across your family picture (2011) on google images while looking for pictures of Hoffmaster Beach in Michigan. Seeing your face brought back many good memories of my time in your class at MOC, and I don't want to pass up this opportunity to let you know how greatly I appreciate and respect you as a teacher. I know teaching was challenging work, and it is clear you gave your best for the Lord in that work. Thank you for having done so -- you had a positive impact on me, even from that seemingly short time.


    Michael Holm