Monday, September 26, 2016

Casual Co-op

Five homeschool families (three from our church, one formerly from our church, and one family from a different church) met this summer discuss forming a homeschool co-op.  The established co-ops in the area are quite large and have long waiting lists.  Most of the moms that met did not want anything that required a lot of preparation or was too formal, so the Casual Co-op took form!  Many of our activities are just social, but we try to fit in a few educational ones as well.  We meet once a week on Thursday afternoons.

Our first outing was at Quinn's Pond near downtown Boise.  The kids enjoyed swimming, kayaking, fishing, skipping stones, and just getting to know one another.

The second week we met in Julia Davis park in downtown Boise for a tree walk.  I was asked to organize this activity.  We separated into four groups with each group having to find about twelve trees.  We collected a leaf or fruit/nut from the tree and displayed it in our folders.

Last week we met in Ann Morrison park, another park downtown along the Boise Greenbelt.  A few older children and adults visited the nearby Bosie Bike Project to work on repairing their bikes for this week's activity--biking the Greenbelt.  The rest of us that did not need bikes worked on just enjoyed activities in the park.  It was a cool day so we enjoyed banana bread and hot chocolate for our snack!

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