Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Track Part 2: High School Track

What a wonderful spring we had for track!  In Michigan we had resigned ourselves to not being able to see a track until April (literally--snow covered!).  In Idaho we had so little snow and such a warm March/April that the first track meets were before Spring Break, March 13 and 19.  After the first 3-4 meets, Caleb expressed frustration over his times in the 800m and we had to remind him that last year he hadn't even RUN a meet yet!  His goal was to run a 2:05 this year and he achieved that at the District meet, running a 2:04.92.  That was good enough to place him in the top four at districts and guaranteed him trip to the State meet.   He also anchored the State-qualifying Distance Medley.  

Nicolas ran 200s, 400s, and long jumped again this year.  Unfortunately, he tweaked his quad muscle at a meet in mid-April and struggled to be able to complete the rest of the year.  He did come back for the District meet and ran the open 400m in 55.12,  but was so sore afterward that he wasn't able to run in the 4x400 like planned.  He was so bummed because that was the last opportunity to run in a relay with his big brother.  He rested for the week between District and State and was able go as an alternate for the 400 spot in the Distance Med if needed.   He says he loved the State experience without having to run, but I think he actually would have liked to step on the track. 

We love track and field, and appreciate that the boys also love it.  Caleb owned that 800m run and Nicolas loves his 400m.  Neither would be my choice, but I do enjoy watching those two races.  Here are a few pictures of the season.

At the track meet in Emmett, ID we couldn't help but do a little osprey watching.  The kids and I watched through the zoom lens in my camera until Seth opened his backpack (full of who knows what) and pulled out Russ' pair of nice binoculars.  I probably should have been upset with him since he took them without asking, but he was so proud to hand them to me out of his bag of "stuff" that I couldn't help but commend him for his wise packing choice.

We thought Emmet, ID was such a beautiful area, we couldn't help but do the touristy thing and stop at a road turn off and take pictures of the view.  The track meet was down in the area of  the two domed buildings.

It was such a beautiful evening in New Plymouth, ID and I couldn't help but appreciate the view as well.

Taking 4th place on the medal stand at the District meet.  On to State!

Not the blue track of the Drake stadium, but still a blue track for the State meet!

Parade of athletes at the State meet.  The meet included 1A, 2A, and 3A boys and girls.

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