Thursday, May 21, 2015

Track Part 1: Homeschool Track.

I decided to split this blog post into two parts:  one for the homeschool runners and one for the high school runners.

The younger three joined the Idaho Christian Running Club track program which basically ran for 3 months (early March through the end of May).  They practiced on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and participated in 4 meets.  

Anna needed much encouragement to join the program, but conceded on two stipulations:  1) I would run with her in practice.  2)  She wouldn't have to run in a meet.  Since I was running with Russ in the morning, two-a-day practices were just a little too hard on this aging body.  So after about six weeks, I gradually ran less and less. As Anna gained confidence both with her running ability and with the coach and other kids in the program she didn't "need" me anymore.   We honored her second stipulation for the first meet, but then encouraged her to try the 200m in the second meet.  She did SO well that she agreed to run it again in the third meet.  The fourth meet was scheduled over two evenings with the 400m one night and the 200m the second night.  Can you believe she agreed to run both of those events!!  (We were rained out the second night so she didn't end up running the 200m).  She did say after the 400m, "I am never running one of those again!"

Seth and Lydia were like pigs in mud running track.  Seth usually competed in the long jump, 100m, and 200m, but did run the 400m once.  Lydia generally ran the 100m and the 400m and occasionally ran the 200m.   

The first couple track meets were pretty cold.  But coming from Michigan and Iowa we were pretty used to bundling up!
This is the night of the last meet that was rained out.  We don't often have thunderstorms in Boise, so it was fun to watch the storm roll in.  Note the cute timers at the finish line (Russ and Caleb).

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