Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jr/Sr Banquet

The Jr/Sr Banquet at Cole Valley is unique in that parents are invited to a large portion of the evening.  The Banquet does not actually include a meal, so the kids usually go out to eat and then meet their parents for dessert and a short program with a dance following.  This year Caleb and his friend Maddie met several other couples at one of the individual's homes as their mom, who actually has a catering business, offered to make a meal for them.  I thought this was great as it saved all the kids money!  Russ and I met Caleb, his date, and his friends at the beautiful Scentsy Commons (as in Scentsy candles) for dessert and a program.  The program included a tribute to each of the seniors written by a fellow student/friend/sibling and read by the principle.  Nicolas had written a sweet tribute to Caleb.  Following the tributes, they showed the senior video and then started the dance.  Parents danced the first dance with their student (moms with sons, dads with daughters) and then parents were able to leave while the kids enjoyed the rest of the dance with their classmates.  I have just a few pictures of that night with Caleb and his friends.

In front of their "ride" for the night--a remodeled bus.

Inside the remodeled bus

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