Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anna Grace Turns 12

I can't believe our girl just turned 12 and is now only one year from being a teenager!  Since this girl loves her food (always has) it wasn't surprising that she had her birthday meal all planned out.  What is surprising is that she had no preference on a birthday dessert.  No matter how often or how many different ways I asked the answer was always the same: "I don't care."  I find this sums up Anna pretty well in many areas.   She never seems to have much of an opinion about clothes or shoes when we go shopping.  She is not particular about her hair--the easier the better.  And she is definitely not fussy about the food she eats.    Lest you think she does not have strong feelings, here is a list of things Anna feels strongly about:  math (loves),  Nancy Drew/mystery books (loves),  art/drawing (dislikes strongly), playing piano (likes),  Seth (loves/dislikes depending on the day),  exercising (dislikes).  Anyway, I made triple berry pie topped with ice cream for her birthday and she was as happy as a pig in mud 12 year old with an American Girl catalog (also loves).  

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