Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow

The boys are just starting their third snow day in a row. I had assumed they would have school today, but due to the wind and cold this morning schools were again cancelled. We are pleased to see that we are forecast to have another three inches tomorrow (sarcasm). We truly are running out of places to put the snow and find that intersections have become quite dangerous with snow piles blocking vision. The kids are looking forward to warmer weather to be able to enjoy all that snow...sledding, snow forts, snowball fights, snow people.

This is Seth standing in front of the retaining wall on the driveway.   I can't throw snow that high and the blower is having trouble blowing it that high!

Instead we have been content with the Wii, Nerf gun wars, books, and lots and lots of Perler bead creations (and, of course, our  home school work).  This time has been great for Caleb as he has been able to catch up on sleep and schoolwork and both boys have been able to practice for their solos for solo/ensemble on Saturday.

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