Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seth's Birthday #7

The birthday boy wanted a treasure chest birthday cake.  I wasn't quite sure how I would accomplish that, but the Taste of Home website came through for me.  Although the cake was very simple to make we had the hardest time finding candy necklaces.  After 4-5 stores Caleb and I gave up.  Of course, we found them a week later at the Ace Hardware store--who would've thought! 

Seth had been asking for an aquarium for a long time.  We picked one up on sale several weeks before his birthday and then he was able to pick out accessories and fish for it.  He has been very faithful feeding them twice a day, and except for one incident* early on he has been very responsible taking care of the them.  

Anaiya was so cute when she came to the door on Seth's birthday with a gift.

Seth showing the gifts he bought with birthday money--a Lego Ninjago set, Lord of the Rings Wii game, and a new watch. 

*Seth came running downstairs about a week after he got the fish to tell us that one of the fish was dying.  We questioned him about feeding them--either too little or too much, but he insisted he fed them the right amount.  When Russ went upstairs to remove the dead fish he called for Seth, noticing that the stones at the bottom, plants and rock had been disturbed.  Eventually it came out that he and Anaiya had been trying to catch the fish.  When I asked him later what he was planning to do with them once they caught them, he answered, "I held them in my hand for awhile and then let them go."
 Oh!  So, he actually caught them!  That answers lots of questions on the poor little fish's demise.  He assured us he knew it was naughty and wrong while he was doing it and it would never happen again.  Maybe not that, but I'm sure it will be something else.

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