Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Library

In all those busy weeks before school started I realized I forgot to post photos of our big project during that time.  We converted Russ' "office" into a library and moved his big desk into what we call the "homeschool room".  The desk was just too big for that little room and looks much better in the bigger, more open room.  Russ made a trip to the IKEA store near Ann Arbor to purchase a few bookshelving units to go along one and a half walls almost to the ceiling.  We had no trouble filling them.  What I love most is that the kids no longer have to keep books on bookshelves in their room because they are now all in one area.  So if Seth is looking for a book to read I don't have make a recommendation and then guess which kids' room he will find the book in.  I can say, "Go check in the library!"  Since the room is so small, I did have trouble getting pictures that could capture the area well, so if you want a good look at it, you'll just have to come visit!

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