Monday, April 22, 2013

A Very Wet Spring

As many of you know, the slightly higher temperatures here in West Michigan have kept away most of the snow and ice that NW Iowa has been receiving.  We have, however, received buckets and buckets of rain.  Various areas have had roads washed out, smallish bridges collapse, and, of course, lots of basement flooding.  Thankfully, we have one room in the basement--a rather yucky old pantry--that sits about 3-4 inches below the rest of the basement.  When the water in that room started to go over the lip in the doorway, the boys headed downstairs and removed over 180 gallons from the room (bailed with ice cream buckets:)  We were glad to have a reprieve from the rain the last several days.  The temperatures were so cool that we had snow showers instead.   Spring sports have had a horrible time getting all the games/matches/meets played due to the wetness of the fields--some even completely underwater.  (West Michigan schools play baseball and softball in the spring, not in the summer.  Girls soccer is also in the spring as is track and field, of course).   Yesterday was a beautiful day, still rather cool, but the sun was shining so we decided to take a little family outing down to the Grand River as it was predicted to crest.  Here are a few pictures that Caleb took with his Ipod.  (I took my camera too but I had left my memory card at home.  Not helpful).

The entrance to the fish ladder.  All of the fish ladder is covered with water except the top/overlook area. 

The dam taken near the upper area of the fish ladder.

Same as above

The bottom part of the fish ladder completely submerged--including the sidewalk, viewing area, boat ramp, etc.

Looking back towards the dam.  "What dam?" you say.   Let's just say fish are having no trouble jumping the dam now!
The next several pictures were taken from in front of the Ford Museum.  Note the lamp posts out in the river.  They line the sidewalk of the "River Walk" area.

This road is just a little too close to the water for my comfort.

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