Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Fun (or Caleb is Awesome)

Last week we had an entire week of lake effect snow.  What that means is that it snowed a little bit every day--sometimes light, sometimes heavy, an inch here, 2 inches there. Eventually, it added up to about 6 inches of snow on the ground.  Since it was quite cold all week, the snow didn't have a chance to melt, and therefore, also a great week for our neighbor to get his ice rink ready for skating.  As we looked at this week's forecast of rain and temperatures as high as 50 we knew that we had to get all our winter fun in on Saturday.  We started with skating and then went sledding with the Van Brugge family at Richmond Park. 

I think this is where the title "Caleb is awesome" comes from.  (I'm pretty sure I was hacked!)  Check out the dad and his son--they are mesmerized by his superb snowboarding abilities.

The kids were tuckered out Saturday night.  Lydia and Seth were even in bed by 7:30!  All those falls on the ice and climbs up the big sledding hill totally wiped them out.

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  1. Awesome pictures of awesome kids. They are all awesome...{CALEB}!