Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back to Routine...Kind of

Although much of the week was back to routine (BSF, homeschooling, Boys and Girls Club, work at Spectrum Health, piano/violin/cello lessons, grocery shopping, library runs, food pantry...) there were several reasons that it wasn't quite normal (and, yes, we did all keep our clothes on).

  1.  Caleb had J-term classes this week, that although fun, really could be considered a waste of time and definitely not like a normal school week.  

  2.  Russ does not start his spring classes until the 23rd.  He spent four mornings this past week teaching ACT Math prep at NorthPointe and the afternoons working for Dr. Murray at the seminary. 

  3.  Influenza?  Anna felt cruddy most of the day on Wednesday and although she went with us to the fellowship meal at church (this one sponsored again by the youth group to raise money for their mission trip over spring break--I had to bring two pasta dishes and the boys had to work), I took her home before Boys and Girls club because she felt feverish.  (We watched Pastor Martin give the fellowship talk on "The Hearing Ear" from home instead).  She ran a temp through Friday and continues to have a horrible cough.  In fact, Lydia decided to sleep in Seth's trundle the last several nights because Anna coughs so much.  Nicolas began coughing yesterday and went to bed with a low-grade temp.  When I got home from work today, I checked his temp--101.   Wonder who will be next?

   4.  Another weird virus?  I felt awful last Sunday and had a little of it return on Wednesday.  I have a hard time describing it because I didn't have a fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, or anything like that.  What I had was dizziness, a rushing sound in my head, and extreme tiredness.   I am so glad I am feeling better because, well, the household just doesn't work as well when I sleep all the time.

   5.  Russ took me out on a movie date.  Spectrum Health had given me two movie tickets for a Christmas gift and we used them Thursday night to watch Les Miserables.  We both really enjoyed the movie and seemed to feel the emotions and words of the familiar songs more than when we saw the Broadway production.   I can't remember the last movie I have seen in a theater, so this definitely makes the "not normal" list.

   6.  We had over a half inch of rain this week which got rid of all the snow and ice and had temperatures in the 50s the last two days.  Caleb went for a run in shorts and a t-shirt today, and we are still enjoying green grass.  The weather man says that things will be more "normal" starting tonight as they are predicting rain/ice/snow and colder (below freezing) temps this coming week.

Hopefully, all will start feeling well this coming week and no one else takes a turn.  Russ is preaching tomorrow morning at the Reformed Presbyterian Church so I will have to juggle who is going to church/Sunday school, who needs to stay home, etc...

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