Saturday, July 14, 2012

Everyday Summer 2012 Part 1

I once read that we don't usually capture in photographs the everyday things that we often remember best from our past.  The author cited examples such as eating meals with the family, playing dolls and Barbies with sisters, riding bikes in the neighborhood, etc.  With the author's thought in mind, I grabbed the camera and just took lots of "everyday" summer shots of what the kids are doing.

All the kids joined the library reading program this summer and have already met their goals.  

Anna loves her Nancy Drew books.  I think she has read almost all that the GR library system has:(

If he isn't doing chores or playing Legos, Nicolas is usually curled up with a book.

All the kids have continued with music lessons throughout the summer--that means four practice piano, two practice violin, and one on the cello!  Caleb found out last week that he is officially a member of the GRYS classical orchestra next fall.  Since it meets on Monday nights  he will not be able to go to BSF with us again.   Caleb's quartet from Northpointe played for one wedding this summer and has two more weddings scheduled in August.    

To keep on top of math, Lydia faithfully reviews on Xtra Math every morning.

The girls have also had fun with Hollyhock dolls, fixing puzzles, playing dress-up, and finishing up some crafts that they started.

Doesn't she look like Snow White?

Next post:  More on the boys...

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