Friday, October 21, 2011

The Stitches are Out

I took Nicolas to the hand Dr. yesterday to have his stitches removed in his finger.  He also cut out the piece of fingernail and flap of now dead skin over the sore.  We have instructions to spend 10 min 3-4x a day massaging the scar (what scar?  All I see is this jelly like mass of red tissue) and desensitizing the area.  The last thing he told us was to watch for "over- granulation" where the bright red granulation tissue will make a large bulbous knob.   Since this is kind of what Nicolas seems to have going on at the tip of his finger, I am not sure how big it has to be to be "large".  I mean the Dr. saw it looking like this, but this doesn't look like a normal healing sore to me.   Any ideas?

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