Thursday, October 13, 2011

Caleb's Soccer Season Ends

Caleb finished his JV soccer season tonight with a win.  Unfortunately, the Mustangs did not have a winning season.   However, Caleb had fun, made some friends, worked on his soccer skills, and just enjoyed the physical activity.  We also enjoyed going to the soccer games (we had beautiful weather!) and watching him improve as the season progressed.  Tonight was our turn to make the meal for the team and work concessions for the varsity game.  Russ brought the food to the school since he needed to be at NorthPointe anyway to tutor a junior girl after school.   We all went to the JV soccer game, but I left early with the other kids to take Nicolas to his soccer practice.  Russ and Caleb then stayed--Russ to work concessions and Caleb to be ball boy for the varsity game.  It rained the entire varsity game.   Glad I didn't have to sit through that!

Caleb regarding school (and I quote), "I am doing fine.  I especially like my geometry teacher and my orchestra conductor.  I survived my first chair placement challenge this week (barely).  After the concert this fall I will be moving to first violin because of the lack of numbers in that section.   I am taking MAP tests this week.  They are somewhat similar to ITBS, but computer-based.  I am currently overwhelmed with projects and papers.    I will enjoy two days off next week, though."

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  1. I might have the cutest football player on the field, but I can say with certain that you have the cutest soccer player on the field:) Good thing that looks aren't the only thing these two boys have going for them:) We miss him...We miss all of you. If it counts for anything we are homesick for you too!