Friday, May 20, 2011


May 1997 -- May 2011

Good-bye faithful friend--we will miss you...

Fourteen years ago Laura and I traveled to Inwood, IA to see Laura's Uncle Jim and family.  Their puppy, Sadie had just had puppies and they wanted us to see them.  They were convinced that we needed a puppy, but Laura and I were in full agreement that although it would be nice to go see the puppies we didn't think it was a good time in our lives to have a puppy of our own.  Needless to say, that didn't hold up and we left that night with a puppy that they had already named Mookie.  Mookie was  a passive female dog that ended up being great with the kids.  Over the last fourteen years she kept adjusting to each new child and allowed them to "pet" her and play with her.  She got a little crabby when we would bring another baby home from the hospital, but would quickly get over it and accept the pulling of her hair from each new child.  The last couple of years she had slowed down a little and was less playful, but still a good-natured dog.  Unfortunately, the last couple of months Mookie began to deteriate quite significantly and in the last week she stopped eating altogether and became weaker and weaker.  Today we made the decision to put her to sleep.  Though there were many tears, all agreed that this was the best thing for our puppy.  It truly is amazing how much love a family can generate over the years for a puppy - she will be missed.  

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