Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Morning Blues II?

We are a little blue here today as Grandma flew back home this morning.  We enjoyed having her here so much, but missed Grandpa.  The Lord willing, we will be in Iowa in a few weeks to see everyone, though!  We pretty much kept up our routine last week: homeschooling in the morning, practicing instruments, doing chores, etc.    Thursday night Mom wanted to take us out to eat.  We left a little early to explore a few thrift shops before enjoying a meal at Arnies.  I was able to pick up several nice summer tops and capris for Anna and am relieved to have been able to restock her drawers/closet inexpensively.   Friday afternoon we took Mom to the GR Public Museum.  We had just been there with Bryan and Becca, but took in the planetarium and rode the carousel this time.   The kids not only  enjoyed showing Grandma some of their favorite exhibits from the last visit, but also had fun discovering some things we hadn't seen on the last visit.  We hope to go back some time with Grandpa and see a little more!  Saturday Mom had her BSF leader's meeting and as soon as she came home I took off for the "Leading Others" seminar.  Russ and all the boys went to the elementary school for the derby car race in the morning.  Nicolas had been working on a pine derby car for a few weeks.  This was his first experience and his car did pretty well, but he learned a few things and has lots of ideas for next year.  Saturday afternoon Mom used her membership and took me to Sam's Club.  It was fun just to browse without kids.  We ordered pizza for supper, the kids went to bed early and we enjoyed a quiet evening visiting.  Sunday a.m. we went to the FRC.  Dr. Murray was supposed to preach, but was unable to due to his medical issues that occurred earlier in the week. Rev. Pronk from Canada preached instead.   You can read more about Dr. Murray's serious health issue here.   Sydney VR and a friend from Calvin joined us for Sunday dinner.  It was such a beautiful day that we enjoyed eating our dessert and visiting on the back porch in the sun!  Sunday night we worshipped at Harvest hearing a good sermon on John 12:20-26  by Pastor Dale.  While Mom was here we also watched a few episodes of Foyle's War that I checked out from the library.

A few more museum pictures:
This slug picture was for Nicolas who is still pampering several of them.

Anna wanted this picture since we are studying marsupials in our Australia unit

A real mummy

Grandma figured out that we can insert a quarter to hear the coinola play!

On the bridge outside the museum

The carousel part of the museum from the bridge.

Rooting for big brother Nicolas' car.

Russ was extremely busy last week and will be again this week.  He is officially done with his first year of seminary on Friday of this week.  He took a very difficult Hebrew exam this morning and now has two sermons and a twenty-five page paper to write, as well as other exams to study for.    We still have not heard regarding the internship for this summer.  Russ has been in contact with Pastor Dale on a couple of occasions and the session just has not made a decision regarding how they want to proceed with this summer.  So, we wait...  Last week Russ and I went for a walk and he mentioned his frustration at being in a "holding pattern".  He does not have his name on a list for pulpit supply here, he is not teaching Sunday school, and he is not optimistic about the internship.  He is really wanting to be preaching or teaching.   In BSF last Monday, my teaching leader talked about being in God's "waiting room".  All of the family feels a little bit that way, as it is hard to really settle in not knowing where we will be in four years.  But I think my dear husband feels this more profoundly and I know he would appreciate prayers as he waits for God's leading for this summer.  Hebrew continues through the summer and he will also work on a couple more courses/credits, however, he feels a strong need to provide for his family preferably while practicing the gifts God has given him. 

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