Sunday, December 12, 2010


Seth just says the cutest (and sometimes profound!) things.  I am probably the only one that thinks that he is a hoot, but humor me and take time to read this post. 

His prayers are my favorite.  I love to listen to him pray because I never know what he is going to say.  I am left wondering what is going on in that cute little head.  I only recently started writing some of these down because I didn't want to forget them.

"Thank you for being a truer God than us."

"Help us to hate sin and our enemies and love our Christ."  We've talked to him about Matthew 5:44-45 since that prayer and hopefully cleared up the 'hate our enemies' part.

"Keep our teeth healthy"  I never thought about praying for my kids' dental health--thanks, Seth.

"Love our neighbors and God the Jesus, and hate our enemies"  Okay, maybe we need a review.

"Help our neighbors to be nice to us; that they won't chase us"  They haven't chased us yet, so this prayer must be working.

"Thank you for taking care of Mr. Pete in heaven"

"Help us to love God most...and money."  Okay, another verse that we need to talk to him about.  Maybe if we make progress on Matthew 5:44,45 we can go further in the Sermon on the Mount and work on Matthew 6:24 as well.

"Keep us healthy so we don't die when we are kids"  Amen, Sethie, Amen.

Other sayings/conversations that have amused me:

It always makes me smile to hear him ask if he can "log-off" or if someone can help him "log-in" to webkinz.  I didn't even know what that meant when I was 24 let alone 4!

S:  "I can't get up, my tonsils won't let me because they are tired."
M: "Your tonsils?"
S:  "Uh-huh, my tonsils...  Mom what are tonsils?"

Seth stood up on his chair after supper Friday night with his arms stretched out "Hey, everybody!  Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?  MOVIE NIGHT!!

"Mom, you're a genius!"  (for buying Life cereal)

Laying in bed with Seth singing Silent Night at his request:
   M:  "Round yon virgin mother and child"
   S:  "No, you can't say rounyon.  That's not right."
   M:  "Well, what is it then?"
    S:  "I don't know, but try it again, mom"
It didn't go any better the 2nd or 3rd time and he got really frustrated with me (I even tried to sing Away in a Manger instead).  Then the next day we were listening to carols on the radio and Silent Night came on.  I didn't even realize that Seth was listening when he came up to me and said "They said 'rounyon' too mom, so I guess you can sing that."  Whew.  What does 'yon' mean anyway?

Laying in bed with Seth at night after watching Ramona and Beezus:
  S:   "I can't stop thinking about their cat died"
  M:  "I'm sorry sweetie, I know that was sad."
  S:   "No, not that.  I just want to know what they did with the cat food."


  1. Oh, man, is he ever adorable! Way too smart for such a little squirt.

  2. :-) We enjoy many similar prayers! Simeon, after learning from his Great-grandma Clark about his Great-grandpa Clark who was a missionary to Ecuador, "Please help Uncle Bob (not quite the right relationship) have a fun time in Heaven with you."

    We often hear them praying for each other, something like, "Please help ______ not to fuss." We are working on fussing frequently.