Monday, December 13, 2010

Homeschool Update

Tonight the boys participated in the orchestra part of the West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts Christmas concert.  The group actually has four orchestra groups--beginner, intermediate, advanced, and then the symphony orchestra.  Both boys are in advanced.  This concert featured band and chorale also so it was quite long.  I forgot my camera so didn't get any pictures of the boys in their cute tux shirts, bow ties and cummerbunds.  Of course we were in a hurry before the concert and didn't get one then either.  It was well after 9:00 when the concert finished, but we decided to treat the kids anyway and stopped at AppleBees for their 1/2 price appetizers after 9:00.  I guess that is one nice thing about homeschooling--you can decide everyone can sleep in a little more in the morning and just start school later!

In school we are working our way through Europe concentrating on three countries:  Norway, France, and Germany.  We finished Norway last week and are starting France this week.  We are enjoying several read alouds and other books as we work through Europe.  I think most were posted on the "What We are Reading" sidebar.  We read Snow Treasure which takes place in Norway during WWII, Annika's Secret Wish which takes place in Sweden (we also made our own Swedish pudding with a almond hidden in it), and now we are reading Rainbow Garden which takes place in England.  The boys have additional reading assignments including God's Smuggler and Hans Brinker.  Anna also read A Gift for Mama which takes place in Poland.  The older three also enjoy playing the Geography game together especially now that they have countries in North America, South America and Europe to identify.  I think they enjoy the challenge.  All can identify countries faster than I can!  They continue to plug away in math, English, science, and spelling as well.  A couple things I would like to add next semester are keyboarding and a more consistent current events time on Friday.   Lydia also continues through her Bible reader, learning the Jewish traditions and the books of the Bible.  She just started a math unit on telling time and we are looking at snow and ice in science--how applicable!  I am looking forward to a few weeks break over Christmas.  I have so enjoyed this semester teaching my kids and am grateful for the grace God has given me to teach them.  But I still need a break...

Tomorrow we are meeting with another homeschool family that we met through BSF.  Connie has five active boys ages 11-2.  She invited us to sled on a hill right by their house.  I just hope it is a little warmer than it was today or it will be a short sledding excursion.  Connie insisted we come for lunch so we will get as much school work done as we can in the morning and finish later in the afternoon.  I also have a seminary wives book study tomorrow night with a cookie exchange.   We are kind of starting the week running, but after tomorrow it should be calm so we can pack for our trip back to Iowa for Christmas!

I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow and post some sledding pictures...

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  1. ITA with your, thank goodness for the break over Christmas!LOL Saves us from homeschooling parent burnout!
    What is the Geography game you are playing? A board game or one online? I am always looking for new Geography games!

    Crazy Online Homeschooling Mom of 2, Daycare Mom of 4, Chicken Mom of 15, 1 Puppy, 1 Psycho Cat and possibly a Partridge in our pear tree!