Sunday, July 10, 2016

June 2016--Science/Art Workshop

I signed the three youngest up for two science/art classes at the Boise Watershed again this summer.  (Actually, Anna only agreed to one.) The Watershed offers about eight different classes, but you are only able to sign up for two due to limited class space.  

The first class was entitled "Birds Got Swing!" and the science lesson discussed the distinctive voice of each species of bird.  This was followed by an art project in which they made "antiqued" images of birds using watercolor paper, paint, and stencils.

The second class was entitled "Bowl of Life".  Water and its importance for sustaining life was the topic of the science lesson.  They made a ceramic project of their choice and it was glazed with blue glass beads in the bottom, making the finished project look as if it had a shallow layer of water in the bottom.

We found Anna's project from last year on display in the Watershed building.

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