Monday, June 6, 2016

Grandpa and Grandma Visit

I wanted to post a few pictures from Grandpa and Grandma Bleeker's visit early in May.  Zoe was so excited when they arrived.  Not only did two of her favorite people come to visit, Caleb (another much loved human) was with them!  Okay, so maybe I was just as excited to see those three drive up on that Saturday evening.  It is just so good to hug those you love after only talking on the phone or through FaceTime for so many months. 

While they were here we made a trip to Edwards Greenhouse for garden plants and flowers, took in a the district track meet, walked the Boise River in Eagle, visited the MK Nature Center, drove to Stanley for a day outing, enjoyed street tacos and ice cream at the Village, worked in the garden and landscaping, attended a piano recital, did a little shopping, and best of all, just enjoyed visiting face to face!

Our trip to Stanley was a little chilly, even beginning to rain at our destination, Redfish Lake, but we enjoyed the hot springs on the trip back.  No trip to Stanley is complete without a stop at the Lowman Ranger Station for a bathroom break and a Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Getting our feet wet in the hot springs.  Some hot springs are up in the parking lot, but for the bigger pools you need to hike down by the river.  The Payette River was a little high this spring making it a little more of a challenge.

Helping Grandpa plant a new rose. 

 Watching the rainbow trout and sturgeon at the MK Nature Center.

Waiting for ice cream at the Village!

On our walk along the Boise River.

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