Thursday, May 5, 2016

Japan and Russia

Here are a few highlights from our Japan and Russia units.

Japanese tea ceremony.  This year I directed Anna and Lydia to a website, bought the green tea and Japanese treats, but had the girls lead the ceremony.

Haiku poems

Origami.  This is a card Lydia made for her Gems Secret Pal.

This was a fun little activity.  I ordered this kit from Amazon--quite inexpensive.  It was a little difficult to set up, but with Nicolas' fine motor coordination and patience we were able to make it stand up.  The pictures represent before and after you put the solution in the troughs for the paper to soak up.  You are basically growing crystals and because the paper is dyed in strategic areas it appears colored.  For us this was nice representation of Mt. Fuji and the beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan.

Anna made these dolls from this website.  Aren't they adorable!

They also colored these Japanese dolls and put them together.

I splurged at World Market and bought this set of Japanese nesting dolls since they fit both the Russian and Japanese units.

The only project we did for our Russian unit (besides making yummy borscht) was to make our own Faberge eggs.  We used this website to get us started.

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