Monday, April 18, 2016


We've had two birthdays in 2016 so far; Anna turned 14 in January and Nicolas 17 in March.  I am not going to extol all their awesome virtues and why I love them so much here on the blog, but I am (with their permission) going to share a funny anecdote about each of them.  These may just be funny to us as many family stories are, but if this post makes it into a blog book I know my children will enjoy seeing them in print someday.

Anna's birthday fell on Sunday and she requested Aunt Becca's Shepherd Pie with applesauce for dinner and Michigan Grandma's Pistachio and Hawaiian desserts.  Seth insisted that he put candles on one of the desserts (pistachio, to be exact) and we sing "Happy Birthday" before blowing out the candles.  Micah and Austin, the Air Force guys from Mountain Home, were at our home for dinner and Micah had also invited his friend Marty for the first time.  Knowing that blowing out candles on a cake or dessert can be rather insanitary especially when you have guests that are not family, I specifically joked aloud to Anna, "Don't spit on the dessert when you blow out the candles!" So, there we are standing around singing "Happy Birthday" and watching Anna blow out the candles which if you know Anna is a pretty uncomfortable situation for her anyway.  Imagine her horror when as she blows out the candles out comes her chewing gum, PLOP, right on the middle of the dessert!  The guys handled it with kindness and tons of laughter.  "So, that's the piece you wanted, Anna?"  Thankfully, Anna also lived up to her name and conducted herself with much grace while she just laughed along with us.  

Interestingly, Nicolas' story also involves the guys from Mountain Home.  When we visited them over our spring break last month we stopped at Micah's new apartment after taking them out to eat to see his "digs".  His roommate was not home when we arrived, but arrived later and evidently did not receive a full introduction, just "this is Pastor Russ and his family".   Micah told us later that after we had left, his roommate had wanted to know who the Hispanic guy was with us!  


  1. Laura, I haven't read your blog for a long time but remembered it a few days ago and wanted to peek in on your family. I think that Ty and Nicolas could pass for brothers if they were spotted together! Ty decided to shave a few weeks ago but has now decided that the upkeep is not desirable. ;) I think the goatee will be back soon.

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