Monday, March 21, 2016

While Waiting for Spring...

Russ and I had the opportunity and privilege of attending the Idaho State Prayer Breakfast with featured speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias.  Russ received an invitation as a pastor in the Boise community, but we were also invited by a couple in our congregation.  He serves as a state representative and his daughter (who also attends our church) serves as a state senator.   

We had a fun night out with a family from church watching the Idaho Steelheads play hockey.

Seth had fun playing basketball and soccer with a buddy from church.  His mom had an unexpected meeting at work and he spent a couple hours with us one afternoon.  I think he should make it a weekly routine as the boys had lots of fun.

Caleb traveled to Guatemala for a service project with a group from Grand Rapids.  I look forward to hearing more about his trip and seeing his pictures when he is back home from college early May!

Russ and I also attended the Boise Philharmonic and Mastor Chorale which featured Mozart's Requiem.   Two of the Air Force fellows from Mountain Home treated us to dinner and the orchestra.  Having studied Revelation this year in BSF the music and words seemed to have a little more weight.  Here is a sample translated into English:

The trumpet will send its wondrous sound 
throughout earth's sepulchres
and gather all before the throne.

Death and nature will be astounded,
when all creation rises again,
to answer the judgement.

A book will be brought forth, 
in which all will be written,
by which the world will be judged.

When the judge takes his place,
what is hidden will be revealed, 
nothing will remain unavenged.

What shall a wretch like me say?
Who shall intercede for me,
when the just ones need mercy?

King of tremendous majesty,
who freely saves those worthy ones,
save me, source of mercy.

It was just a wonderful evening with great company. looks like spring is on its way as the apricot tree is in full bloom!

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