Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Visit to the Capitol

Anna had suggested several times since we moved to Boise that it would be a great idea to visit the Boise Capitol.  She was even more insistent after they visited the Capitol in Salt Lake City.  "How can we tour Utah's Capitol, but not visit the one in Boise where we live!"  So, when Flat Stanley came from Iowa to visit us for a few days (thanks, Romee!) we thought it was a perfect opportunity to tour the building while showing Flat Stanley some of the sites in Boise.

The legislative session had not begun for the season; I think we were a week early.  We were, however, able to tour the chambers and just enjoy the beauty of the building.  We thought about heading over to the Capitol today for Legislative Pie Day (the annual day each year when the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators brings in an array of homemade pies, and home-schooled students show off displays on what they're learning), but decided to catch up on schoolwork at home.  Maybe next year?

We found Lori's seat in the Senate chambers.  Scott and Lori are members of our church; Scott is a fellow Sioux Center native.

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