Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gems Mother/Daughter Night

The girls and I enjoyed a night out with the other moms, grandmas, and friends from GEMS.  Not everyone had a Grandma join them, so Lydia felt much better about that (she had tears when making the party favors at another GEMS night because we live so far away from Grandma).  The theme was "Having Purse-on-ality" and all guests brought a favorite purse.  We first had a fun fashion show skit with some very interesting purses--a light purse, cereal bag purse, and the pillow purse--just to name a few.  Anna survived the purse "fashion" show (she had tears as she dreaded getting up in front of people to "show" a purse).    I know, very emotional girls:)  We played some fun games:  What's in Your Purse, Hot Potato Musical Purse, and they also gave prizes for things like oldest purse, largest and smallest purse, and strangest thing in a purse.  

The cute party favors

I brought the purse my Grandma H. crocheted me for my wedding, Lydia brought the purse Grandma B. made for Anna (she wants one of her own...Hint:), and Anna brought the purse Caleb bought in Guatemala.

Anna won for the purse that "most matches your outfit":

Lydia won the Hot Potato Purse game for our table:

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