Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Projects Finished

After two years of hanging on to the yarn and moving it across the country, I finally finished Seth's afghan!  

Zoe thinks it is her blanket
The girls also put in their order for crocheted purses quite awhile ago, so I am glad to have those done also. 

I wasn't completely happy with Lydia's purse, so after this picture was taken I did make a larger red circle and moved that and the sock monkey button over to the left.

Caleb has also been busy with projects.  He always seems to have something to work on when he has a day off from school.  I think he finds it a relaxing  break from  calculus problems.

Built the shelves, painted them, hung, and decorated them...

Went to Hobby Lobby and bought the frames, designed the Family logo, arranged, and hung the pictures.

Built the "canvas" from left over wood and pallets, drew the continents free hand, painted, and hung.  What a great addition to our home school area!

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