Saturday, October 4, 2014

Onion Harvest

As an Iowa girl I am used to all kinds of farm smells:  feedlot, honey wagon, silage, and even that smell of soybeans.  But when we went to Nyssa, OR for Caleb's cross-country meet I experienced a new farm odor.  Onions.   Evidently Eastern Oregon and Idaho are one of the leading producers of our nation's onions, and we were driving through right in the middle of harvest.  Even while watching the cross-country meet we noticed that the smell of onions just permeated the air.  
Not bad--just different.

And a few pictures of the cross-country meet.  Isn't this just a beautiful setting to run a meet?

 I love it when Russ wears his "minion" shirt because I can spot him easily in a crowd:)

Cooling down with the team after the run.

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