Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tunnel Park

The day after we came home from Iowa/Idaho we met Dave and Wendy, Ian and Lenelle, and Stan and Juliet at Tunnel Park in Holland, MI for a grill out at noon.  I didn't think the timing was that great since we were pretty wiped out from our trip, but Stan and Juliet were moving to Indianapolis the next day so we didn't have many options.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and as it turned out, relaxing and enjoying time with these seminary families was just what we needed.  We had not been to this park on Lake Michigan before and found it to be a wonderful family park...other than the steps to and from the beach!  You can actually take the steps up and over the dune, or you can walk through a tunnel down to the beach.  Thus, the name "Tunnel Park".

My little swimmer (Anna) swam out to that buoy which was quite a ways from shore multiple times.  Swimming--the one sport she actually enjoys.

Now if this pose doesn't take me back seven or more years.  Still works like a charm to put the little ones to sleep.  Nice to know he hasn't last his touch.  

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