Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Ever since Russ accepted the call to pastor the Cloverdale URC in Boise, ID, I have been dreading getting the house ready to sell.   When the realtor came a little over a week ago and said he would give us two weeks to get the house ready for the photographer and, ultimately, for sale, I literally panicked.  I sent out an SOS to Bryan and Becca and they very graciously gave up their Memorial Day weekend to help us out.  I found that this odious task was made much, much more pleasant by having them here with their expertise, energy, humor, and positive attitude.    Not sure they would agree on the "pleasantness" of the task.   After they left, I felt we had accomplished enough that all the remaining tasks were now manageable.  They certainly helped get us "over the hump" for packing and purging.   

The photographer came today and the house will be listed by Friday.  Hopefully, we have some interested buyers!

The girls are emptying Russ' old files for the "paper gator".  Miah was a great help in getting my kids to get rid of things they would never use again!

Getting a new color on a couple of the family room walls

Hanging the curtains and curtain rods.  He is excited about this.

Sorting and packing the basement stuff

Becca training Caleb on the art of distressing an old painted frame

On that Saturday Becca and Miah were even able to attend the Herman family recital.  Since we are missing the recital in June because we will be in Iowa/Idaho, Amy (piano teacher) arranged a recital at one of the nursing homes.  The kids were able to play several pieces and the boys and Lydia even got out the string instruments.  Nicolas has a cello recital tonight and then we are finished with programs, recitals and all other spring commitments.  Yeah!

The music students with Amy.  Nicolas no longer takes piano lessons, but Amy did teach him the first two years we were in Michigan.  

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