Friday, October 25, 2013

Some Art Prize Favorites 2013

Minotaur sculpture

"Uplifted" sculpture--one of the top 3.

"Dancing with Mother Nature"  wood sculpture--one of the top 10

Lord's Supper chalk drawing

 Westminster Abbey made out of wood. 

Kind of fun

Shirt made out of ties

Not a great picture of the winner, but this is a tapestry of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Polar bear oil paintings came in 2nd.

Interesting sculpture made of square nails

Whimsical oil painting.  Love the hedgehog...

Metal dragon sculpture

Large pencil drawing

Oil painting "eggs" with bases to match the painting.

A wall of civil war soldiers

Oil of Abe Lincoln

"Wall-eye"   Wooden sculpted fish in the "iris" of an eye

Glass etching

Christmas quilt

Apron made of tape measures

Made of eggplant

Oil painting

Made all of tiny sequins

Live sculpture

Panda made of tires

Detailed little mini-golf

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