Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the Semester Post and Driver's Ed

Russ finished up the 1st semester of his third year last Saturday.  Yes, that should have been Friday, but with all the papers, assignments, reading, and exams that he had to complete, believe me, getting it all done by Saturday was still quite a feat.  I think he would agree that this was a very difficult semester, and the next semester also looks to be quite busy.  He opted out of practice preaching next semester so that will give him an additional two hours of work time two days a week.  This will also be helpful when track season starts.  He will not be taking  any classes during the January term, but will hopefully get a head start on reading and do some work for Dr. Murray.  He also has some preaching lined up in January so he will still be pretty busy.  I think he also agreed to help Northpointe during their J-term week right after Christmas break.  During that week kids can take a week of fun classes.  Caleb is signed up for a photography class and a class entitled "Math in Numb3rs (TV show)" and a solo/ensemble class to help prep for solo/ensemble which is one of the first weekends in February.  Anyway, they ask Juniors to take an ACT prep class and Russ agreed to do the math portion of that. 

The big news here is that Caleb finally got his driving permit!  Wading through the graded driving program in Michigan has been quite an experience, not to mention extremely expensive.  There is no state funding for driver's ed programs so everyone takes it through a private driving school.  Caleb went through Main Street Driving and really appreciated his instructor.  I went on a parent drive this afternoon with Caleb and his instructor and was impressed with his interaction with Caleb (nothing like "Bear":)  Here is just a taste of the complicated system that is set up in Michigan (We were wishing for the simplicity of Iowa):

     *Begin driver's ed classes when you are at least 14 and 9 months.

     *Segment 1 involves at least 3 weeks of class meeting 4 days a week for 2 hours each time + 6 additional hours of driving.

     *Complete above class requirements including a written test and you are able to get your permit.

     *Now you are able to begin logging driving hours.  You need 30 hours of driving time and it must 
       be at least 90 days after segment 1 before you can take segment 2 of the driver's training class.

*Complete segment 2 of driver's ed class

     *Before you can get your license, 6 months need to have passed from when you received your permit and a total of 50 driving hours logged (20 additional from the 30 needed to take segment 2)--at least 10 of those need to be nighttime hours. You also need to take a driving test from another third party evaluator.
     *Once you turn 16 you can get your restricted drivers license.  Not until you turn 17 are you able to get your full license. 
Confused yet?  So were we, but I think we finally have a handle on how it works.  Caleb is ready to start logging all those hours!

We are planning to leave for Iowa tomorrow morning if the weather permits.  I am not sure Caleb will be doing any driving on this trip, but we can have him drive/log some hours once we are in Iowa.  Pray for safe travel!

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