Sunday, September 23, 2012

Art Prize Part 1

I am posting just a bit of the art that we saw with Grandpa and Grandma B.  I labeled it Part 1 because we plan to see more of the art this coming weekend when Philip and Pam come up to visit us.  I will have Russ and the kids take pictures because I am scheduled to work:(

"Captain and the Kid"

"Hooked on Michigan"

"Copper Kids in a Copper Canoe"  Reminded me of Caden and Nicolas...

"The Temptation"  painted over the volumetric representation of the Island of Manhattan

"Crime Wave" made with steel rods and mesh

"The Chase"--creative taxidermy

"Blind Side"  a series of blinds--my favorite was the outside of the dollhouse when the blinds were closed and the inside of the house when the blinds were opened.

"Rebirth of Spring" oil on canvas

"A Second Chance at Life"  T-Rex

"Dining at the Grand"  Made of spoons, knives, and the waterfall out of forks.

"Norm" made from recycled materials welded together

Not sure of the name of this one

"Edge of the Forest"  chainsaw carving


"Fantastic Carousel of Dreams" I loved the detail on the stained glass horses.

"City Band" a large pencil drawing by the 2010 winner of ArtPrize

"The Nanny" mosaic.  Love this one--it is so cute!

"Marilyn"  I took the close up so I could remember what this picture was all made of--nothing was painted--the artist used the colors of the objects that she found.

"Elephants"  Another huge pencil drawing

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