Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break and Nicolas' Birthday

Spring break is something we have never really encountered in the school systems in NW Iowa (other than college).  Sure, we had a few days around Easter, but the spring break here is a serious week.  Since everyone takes spring break at the same time, many families travel, high school music groups take trips, and churches plan mission projects.   Caleb is currently spending his spring break with the FRC youth group in West Virginia doing mission work with an organization called Mustard Seeds and Mountains.    They have little to no cell reception, but Caleb was able to call us on his way to church on Sunday to tell us that the group arrived safely and that he was having a great time.  They will be assisting two families this week by painting/repairing their homes.   I am anxious to hear all about the trip and hoping he takes lots of pictures.

We are enjoying having Renee and Andy here for the first weekend of our break.   They arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and plan to go home sometime today.   Most of their family joined us Sunday afternoon at the nursing home to hear Russ' Palm Sunday message.  Since Caleb was gone, I picked up the violin to play a duet with Nicolas.  It went okay, but I still feel more comfortable accompanying the boys on the piano!  Yesterday we enjoyed beautiful weather and went to Riverside Park to play on the playground, walk/run, and...launch rockets!  We launched three, but lost two.  One landed in the river and the other is stuck high in a tree in the middle of the frisbee golf course.   After supper we set up the fire pit and had our first smores of the season.  In between those highlights we have had many good conversations and lots of games of Wizard, Rook, Settlers of Catan, and a few Crack the Case mysteries.  This morning we have had several thunderstorms roll through so are keeping cozy with games and videos.

Setting up the rockets


Where will it land this time?

Although it is nice to take a break from track this week, we realize it is difficult to coach a spring sport when the athletes are off for an entire week.  We told the kids they need to run over break, but we wonder how much training will actually occur this week.   Last Tuesday night we had our first outdoor meet, and we have another right away after spring break.  

My favorite runner in the 4X800 at the meet last Tuesday

We officially have two teenagers in the house since Nicolas turned 13 last Thursday.   With the nice weather he has been enjoying all his birthday gifts, especially his new whittling knife from Grandpa and Grandma B.   We all enjoyed his request for triple berry pie for his birthday dessert!

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