Saturday, February 11, 2012

We Have White Again and More Growing Pains

Yesterday the forecasters predicted only an inch of snow, but by the time it stopped snowing around 10:00pm  I think we had more like 6#.  The kids are excited to have snow on the ground again to play with.  The initial snow in the morning and afternoon came when the temps were in the 30s, making the snow quite packable. We saw a great fort being made in the backyard.  Around suppertime the temps dropped to the low 20s and the wind picked up making it a little dicey for everyone to make it to the Bleeker get-together.  I think most everyone was able to attend, however, and we once again had a great time of fellowship.  Today  is also quite cold with flurries on and off.  This snow may stick around for a few days!

They used the old fire pit for one of the fort walls.  Good to see it being used for something.

Russ has been incredibly busy these last few weeks.  Daily assignments and reading, as well as Logos training have forced him to put in early mornings and late nights.  Practice preaching also started this week which has given him less "free" time on Wed and Thurs afternoons.   I am so grateful that when he is home he is able to set aside his work and actually be with us through supper and bedtime routine.  I feel sorry for the wives whose husbands spend all waking hours at the seminary (and there are several like this!)

Since Russ had late days on Wed and Thurs, I picked Caleb up from school.  He had an "extra" violin lesson on Thurs after school to prepare him for chair testing for the St. Cecilia Philharmonic Orchestra.  Grand Rapids string students have two options outside their school orchestra--the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony or the St. Cecilia Philharmonic.  Most of the string students that Caleb knows play with the GRYS as tuition is quite a bit cheaper.  St. Cecilia is nice because of the beautiful old building that they play in, the quality of music, and the fact that concerts are not on Sunday (all GRYS concerts are on Sunday).   Last year his violin teacher encouraged him to participate in this orchestra stating that it would offer something the Home School Orchestra did not--a challenge.  He opted not to try out since practice was on Monday nights, our BSF night.  One of the women in my BSF class last year started to bring some "at-risk" boys to the children's program and Caleb felt it would have set a bad example for commitment for these boys.   Fast forward to this year.  We received an SOS email from Caleb's violin teacher that the orchestra was "bottom heavy" (too many violas and cellos) and in need of more violins.   After giving it much thought he agreed to try it out last week.  They had already been meeting for the semester, and, in fact, had chair testing for placement on Caleb's first night.  He, of course, did not have to test that night, but will have to have his own testing for placement in the near future.  We are still awaiting word regarding financial aid to make this venture workable in the budget.  In the meantime, Caleb will continue to practice and attend rehearsals.  Thus the extra violin lesson. 

This entire decision was difficult for me for a couple reasons.    First, it is not that we consider BSF a sacred thing, but as we've witnessed families getting sucked into all the busyness and activities that send everyone flying different directions, we have tried to guard our family BSF nights pretty religiously.   I struggled with whether this activity was worthy of having one of us go a different direction on that night.   Second, but closely related to the first, I like having Caleb be a part of something the rest of us are doing.  After having all the kids home last year and doing all our activities together, I had a hard time adjusting to planning activities without Caleb.  We really miss him.  So, it was nice walking to BSF together on Monday nights and have both Caleb and Nicolas in my class.   His absence left a big hole in our BSF class last week.  I know this is part of "letting go" and I will have to endure more and more of this as my kids get older, but it is still painful.   No doubt I will be a basket case when I send my first off to college.   I am already dreading sending Nicolas to school if he so chooses in a few years.  I will miss his messy little work table, his whistling while he does his work, and all of his projects that he keeps himself busy with.

This is what I would miss if/when he goes to school...

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