Saturday, December 10, 2011

Homeschool Weeks 14 and 15

The last two weeks we focused primarily on the historical, biblical account of the Exodus including the crossing of the Red Sea, the giving of the Law, and the building of the Tabernacle.  Activities and crafts included:

Anna's Red Sea diorama

Our 3D Exodus/wilderness map

10 Commandment tablets

Construction of our own tabernacle

Anna and Lydia worked on a "Wilderness Menu" using only quail and manna and water as ingredients.  They came up with a few cute ideas such as Water from Elam:  Choose cool water from one of the 12 springs for only $1.85 and $4.00 Manna Waffles for breakfast.

We also learned our 15th Greek root word this week, finished listening to the story of Bach's life and began listening to some of his more famous works.  This week we listened to three organ pieces:  two different sounding Toccatas and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.   We usually do our art while listening to the music pieces.  The last two weeks have been focusing on the color wheel and filling in our own primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  We used just the three primary colored pencils to shade the secondary and tertiary colors on the wheel and then colored a few small pictures using the same technique. 

In science we finished up our third day of creation unit with a few more experiments on plants and the sea.  Specifically, we had one experiment on growing bacteria in beef broth in three different containers:  one containing vinegar/broth, one salt/broth, and one nothing but the beef broth.  We then discussed how food was preserved with pickling and drying or salting prior to refrigerators, etc.  Another day we fed yeast corn syrup, corn starch, and sugar and saw which one the yeast "ate" first.  We also looked at the difference in density between salt and fresh water with a couple of experiments.  We were supposed to start the 4th Day of creation--sun, moon and stars--but we didn't get to it this week and will do more with that next week...hopefully.

One book for the other kids that I got from the library that they enjoyed was Exodus by Brian Wildsmith.  Anna had read Tirzah by Lucille Travis earlier this year.  This was a story about an Israelite girl during the time of the Exodus--from slavery through the giving of the law.  I think it really helped Anna see the biblical story as a real event as she made reference to some aspect of the book several times the past couple of weeks. 

The kids also watched this video several times.  Not a real clear video, but like Nicolas said, "You can really sense God's power."  I think Nicolas really liked the music, too:)  (Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis)


Seth studied "G" for goat and "C" for cow the last two weeks.  Most of our books and activities focused on farms and farm animals.   I was supposed to get goat milk to try, but never did get around to finding any.  We did talk about the two goats on the Day of Atonement so that when we see the goat picture we remember the words, "Jesus died for my sins."   For the cow unit this week, we really wished we were still in Iowa so we could visit Uncle Greg's dairy farm!  We read about cows and dairy farms and cut out pictures in magazines of all the different things that are made from milk.  We made our own butter one day by shaking a jar containing whipping cream.  We finished our unit yesterday by reading the Story of Ferdinand.  Seth then drew and painted a picture of Ferdinand under the tree smelling the flowers.  I love 1-2-3 Draw books!  For the Bible lesson this week we discussed how milk helps us to grow strong and that the Bible is like milk for our Spirit.  So, the words for "C" week were "God's Word helps me grow."   

Other activities this week included Caleb's NPHS Christmas concert.  The Symphonic Choir and Symphony Orchestra performed some wonderful songs together including the Hallelujah Chorus, Sleigh Ride (love those sound effects!) and Vivaldi's Gloria (I, VIII, and X).  Nicolas'  WMHSFA orchestra concert is next week and I am looking forward to that as well.   I had a MWI committee meeting this week to map out a three year course pattern for the future, and then also had a MWI gathering at Michelle Bilkes' house last night for a time of Q/A and fellowship to wrap up this semester's classes.   I also spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen doing some baking to make goodies for music teachers.  I had hoped to freeze some to take back to Iowa, but by the time the kids eat a few fresh and then I package up the rest, there just isn't much left!

Russ has now finished up one book review and a ministry "maxims" assignment.  He is targeted to finish an OT project this weekend (he has to do sample teaching lessons overviewing each of the OT books up to Psalms--kind of like a Dust to Glory) and then has a paper for Systematics to complete by Friday.   He also has three exams next week:  Greek, New Testament, and Systematics.  Thankfully, he is feeling better--just a lingering cough. 

The kids enjoyed finally being able to play in snow yesterday.  We woke up to about 2" of snow on the ground and the younger kids actually went out to play before we started school.    The forecasters predict most of our snow this year will come after the new year.  Should be something to look forward to!

Anna and Lydia took these pictures of us at the Homeschool building this week: 

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